Laser Hair Reduction

Laser Hair Reduction in West Lafayette and Kokomo

Unwanted facial and body hair is a common problem among men and women; however, with advancements in technology, our West Lafayette, IN, board-certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon, Dr. John Randall, can now offer laser treatment to reduce the appearance of unsightly hair.

How Does Laser Hair Reduction Work?

Laser hair removal uses a specific wavelength to target the hair. The hair follicle absorbs the light energy, which causes it to heat up, permanently damaging it and preventing regrowth. We say laser hair reduction rather than removal because while this system will undoubtedly result in thinner and less unwanted hair, it is not electrolysis and won’t permanently remove all hair.

What Areas of the Body Does Laser Hair Reduction Treat?

Laser hair reduction is a safe, effective option for removing unwanted hair from just about any part of the body. The most common areas we treat include the underarms, legs, chest, back and bikini.

Is Laser Hair Reduction Effective for All Hair Types?

Laser hair reduction is most effective on thick, dark hair; however, it can also treat lighter hair. Those looking to remove gray, blonde or red hair may find laser treatments less effective than those with darker hair.

How Many Laser Sessions Will I Need?

Depending on the thickness of the hair and how large the surface areas are to be treated, laser hair reduction can require anywhere from six to eight sessions. However, most patients notice significant and ideal results after the fourth or fifth session. Some patients may need more or fewer sessions to achieve their desired results.

How Long Does Laser Hair Reduction Take?

Again, a lot will depend on the area of the body we treat. Smaller regions like the underarms can be treated in under 20 minutes, while larger areas like the back may take up to an hour or more to treat.

Does Laser Hair Reduction Hurt?

Luckily, laser technology has become more advanced, and treatment promises fewer side effects. While laser hair removal isn’t painful, some patients liken the experience to feeling like a rubber band is being snapped on the skin. Talk to your dermatologist about whether a topical numbing agent could reduce any procedural discomfort.

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